History of Illinois Traffic Safety Leaders

For more than 40 years the Illinois Traffic Safety Leaders (ITSL) has provided an organization
for volunteers and professionals who share a common interest in safety.  The Illinois Traffic Safety
Leaders is a non-profit organization that provides networking support for traffic safety leaders,
representatives and advocates involved in Illinois traffic safety initiatives.  Among the goals of the
organization is to (1) encourage support for and participation in state and community programs;
(2) create opportunities for the development and evaluation of traffic safety movements in Illinois;
(3) establish a channel for the exchange of information on traffic safety activities of statewide
service organizations and advocacy groups and (4) act as a liaison between traffic safety
organizations and other state and national agencies.

While there are numerous advocacy groups in Illinois on specific traffic safety issues such as DUI,
speed enforcement, child passenger and railroad crossing safety, the Illinois Traffic Safety
Leaders is the only organized advocacy group in Illinois attuned to
all traffic safety issues.  In its
history the membership has included representatives from federal and state government, high
schools, county heath departments, state and local police departments, state and local fire
departments, colleges and universities, hospitals and insurance companies as well as
organizations such as the Illinois Farm Bureau and the American Optometric Association.

Membership is open to all individuals with an expressed interest in traffic safety or engaged in
occupations directly related to traffic safety activities including but not limited to DUI awareness,
seat belt enforcement and child passenger safety.  Membership fees are collected and all paid
membership has the right to vote on any initiatives developed by the ITSL board.

The IL Traffic Safety Leaders continues to undergo transitional changes due to the new
leadership.  While some goals for the next fiscal year have been set forth in the reports below, it is
anticipated by the ITSL leadership that there will be more efforts than just those mentioned.  The
group looks forward to working with federal, state and local agencies over the next fiscal year to
educating the public and make Illinois' roadways as safe as possible.