Mission Statement

The mission of this organization shall be charitable to provide a place
in the structure of the State Highway Safety Program for leaders and
representatives of organizations in the State of Illinois to:

•        Encourage support for and participation in state and community

•        Create opportunities for the development and evaluation of
traffic safety movements in Illinois;

•        Establish a channel for the exchange of information on traffic
safety activities of state-wide service organizations and advocacy

•        Act as a liaison between organizations, the National Safety
Council, and other state and national agencies.  Maintain affiliation
with the National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders,
Inc. and develop education in all phases of highway and traffic safety.

•        Networking opportunities with traffic safety leaders throughout
the State.

•        Provide a quarterly newsletter for its members.

Membership shall be open to all individuals with an expressed interest
in traffic safety or engaged in occupations directly related to traffic
safety activities.  Paid members shall have the right to vote and hold
office. The organization shall be charitable as defined by Section 501
(c)3 of the IRS Code.